About Internship Program

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The CAE Career Ready Internship Program matches current L&S juniors and seniors with for-profit and non-profit employers based on employers’ talent needs and students’ career interests. The goal of the CAE Career Ready Internship Program is to diversify the workforce through the development of talented low-income students, with an emphasis on students of color, preparing them to be business and community leaders.

Currently funded by a grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, the CAE Career Ready Internship program aims to place over 200 students into part-time internships from January 2016-May 2018. We are currently working on our sustainability plan to continue our Program past May 2018.

Internships are designed to last one term (fall, spring, or summer) at 10-20 hours per week, but can be extended based on employer and student intern agreement.  Student interns must meet eligibility requirements to participate in this competitive Program and are encouraged to apply early. Employers who wish to find out more about our Program or apply are encouraged to contact Duane Cooper.

Program Goals
  The CAE Career Ready Internship Program is a high impact practice that is comprised of the following goals:
  1. Diversifying the workforce;
  2. Providing paid internship opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds;
  3. Developing talent and building industry/career networks for students from diverse backgrounds;
  4. Helping to fulfill the Wisconsin Idea; and
  5. Connecting students to reflective opportunities to enhance their internship experience.

Questions? Contact the Director for Strategic Diversity Planning, Research, and Communication.