Law building library

There are many paths leading to a legal education. Successful lawyers are strong
writers, sophisticated legal thinkers, and astute interpreters of human institutions and
values. They share high ethical standards, an ability to communicate well orally, and
skills in applying applicable law to the facts of each case.
The best preparation for law school is a broad liberal arts background that includes
courses that strengthen one’s ability to think clearly, concisely, and logically, and increase one’s awareness of social issues. Part of being a successful lawyer is being a capable leader, gained through educational and public service.
Pre-Law Academy students will receive tailored, individual advising, attend monthly meetings to build community and workshops with invited law schools and their representatives. Internships, volunteering, and networking opportunities are essential parts of this initiative.

For pre-law advising, please visit the UW Center for Pre-Law Advising , an on-campus resource that offers advising and other resources to UW-Madison students in the process of considering, preparing for, or applying to law school