CAE Advisors Lauren Szafranski and Anna Thompson

The Center for Academic Excellence advising staff are here to support you through transitions, challenges, explorations, successes, and, ultimately, your Wisconsin Experience! Our advisors share a student-centered, collaborative philosophy rooted in social justice and educational equity. We aim to facilitate the achievement of UW-Madison’s Essential Learning Outcomes for our undergraduates. We can walk you through your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to review progress toward major and degree completion and help you learn course enrollment tools, but we’re also here to provide guidance about how to navigate the daily ins and outs of campus life (i.e., housing, food, transportation), engage with faculty, and get involved in student organizations or research as early as your first year.

Your CAE advisor is a strong advocate for you in translating University and school/college policies and serving as your first line of support in difficult times. We are equipped to co-create academic plans, connect you to campus resources (including major advisors), and empower you in setting and working toward your pre-professional goals. We are here to help you explore majors and big questions, to facilitate your leadership development and skills-building, and to foster a welcoming and inclusive community. You are invited to connect with a CAE advisor