Advisor Expectations

Group of CAE advisors

When meeting with a CAE advisor, it is important to know and understand what they will expect from you. These expectations are listed below:

  • Come prepared to each appointment with questions, interests, and materials for discussion
  • Take notes during advising meetings
  • Be courteous and silence cell phones during appointments
  • Participate in the advising experience as an active learner, respect the collaborative process (i.e., ask questions for clarity or understanding)
  • Follow through with your advisor’s recommendations or action steps and keep in touch with your advisor between appointments
  • Become knowledgeable about institution and your school or college policies, procedures, requirements, and deadlines
  • Reflect upon and communicate your educational, career, and life goals and be willing to explore plans
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions

If you’re a CAE scholar, additional requirements include:

  • Scheduling a minimum of three meetings each semester with your CAE advisor
  • Reviewing and refering back to the CAE academic advising syllabus and engagement schedules