For Students - Internship Program

We are excited that you are interested in engaging in an internship experience through our Program! Internships are great experiences that can help shape your career aspirations, build your professional networks, and allow you to apply what you are learning to real-world settings.  Internships are a type of High Impact Practice (HIPs), which have been shown to boost deep-learning experiences for students.  More information about our competitive Internship Program, including eligibility and how to apply, can be found below. A complete list of deadlines for the upcoming term can be found here.


How The Program Works

Option 1: Internship Matching

To begin this exciting opportunity, students are invited to complete an online application via the Scholarships@UW-Madison system (see below for details on how to use online application; Summer 2017 applications due March 15, 2017). After you apply to our Program, you have time to work on your resume before you are asked to upload your resume into BuckyNet for employers to review. While in BuckyNet, you will have the opportunity to review and indicate interest in available internship opportunities offered by employers which match your career aspirations and desired skill-building experiences. Once matched through BuckyNet, employers have the opportunity to interview students and select the student(s) they wish to hire through a competitive process. Employers and hired student intern(s) co-develop share goals of the internship and a work schedule.   


Applying to Program via Scholarships@UW-Madison System

  1. Log in to the Scholarships@UW-Madison system
  2. Set-up/verify your profile.
  3. Respond to filter questions and find scholarships available to you (which includes CAE Career Ready Internship Program if you are eligible)
  4. Select CAE Career Ready Internship Program from list and add application.
  5. Complete application and submit.

For more detailed Scholarships@UW-Madison application instructions, click here.


Option 2: Create Your Own Internship

Students interested in developing their own internship may also do so! Internships are an opportunity for students to gain valuable real-world experience and an important step towards finding a career that aligns with your personal goals and passions. If there is a specific employer that could offer you an experience you desire, proposing the internship could benefit both you and the employer by creating shared objectives.

If you desire to complete an internship with a specific employer not already in the program you can connect them to CAE. If you plan to propose the opportunity, please connect with Duane Cooper (608.890.0459, to discuss this option.  Please note that for this option, you still must complete an online application via the Scholarships@UW-Madison system (Summer 2017 applications due March 15, 2017).

You qualify for this great opportunity if you meet all of the following eligibility requirements:
  • Pursuing a major within the College of Letters & Science;
  • Completed 54 credit hours by the start of your internship term/semester;
  • Have a 2.75 G.P.A. or higher;
  • Awarded a Federal Pell Grant, FASTrack, BANNER, and/or Lawton for 2014-2015 in your financial aid package (can verify in your Student Center); and
  • Will graduate either during your internship term or after your internship term.
Resume Assistance or Interview Preparation

Individual assistance in preparing your resume is available during Career Advising Drop-ins on Thursdays from 1-5pm in B-47 Bascom Hall or by appointment. To schedule an appointment please visit the L&S Career Initiative Career Services website and look for available appointments either under the Our Career Advisors tab or the Just-in-Time Appointments tab. For both options, please provide your name, student ID number, and note that your request is for your CAE Career Ready Internship application.

Questions? Contact the Director for Strategic Diversity Planning, Research, and Communication.