How CAE Advisors Can Help You

Student sitting on Abe Lincoln Stature

CAE advisors are here to help you navigate transitions and challenges, support you in important decisions, and listen. We learn from our students and their stories, guide them in creating their Wisconsin Experience, and foster a sense of inclusive belonging in our CAE community. Our students are empowered and engaged scholars.  

Here are some of the ways that CAE advisors can help you:
  • Understand degree requirements and registration tools and processes
  • Connect you with key learning support centers on campus, such as the Chemistry and Physics Learning Centers, GUTS, McBurney Center, and more
  • Find scholarship and internship opportunities
  • Clarify academic policies and requirements
  • Support and guide you during academic and personal challenges
  • Help you connect your liberal arts education to your post-graduation career plans
  • Celebrate your successes and partner in your achievements

CAE learning outcomes can be found in the advising syllabus.