Mentoring and Learning Support


The Center for Academic Excellence's Academic and Peer Mentoring programs support students’ social and academic transitions to UW-Madison. Taking a holistic approach, these programs connect CAE students to each other and to experienced UW-Madison students. These relationships are used as a source of mutual learning to help CAE students be proactive in reaching their goals. This holistic approach helps students in CAE successfully transition to UW-Madison and achieve their academic goals.

Academic Mentoring
CAE Academic Mentoring provides academic support to all CAE students with small groups called Peer Learning, as well as with One-on-One Academic Mentoring in courses not supported by other campus tutoring resources. CAE Academic Mentoring helps students proactively navigate learning in higher education by:

  • Role modeling effective study habits
  • Offering supportive and collaborative environments
  • Helping students develop into independent learners
Peer Mentoring
CAE Peer Mentoring is designed to:
  • Assist and mentor the social, personal, and academic transition of first-year students to UW-Madison by pairing them with outstanding sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • Introduce first-year students to a diverse set of skills and strategies to find a sense of self on campus.
  • Provide a place where students can ask questions, get connected, and find the tools to successfully navigate college.
  • Develop our students as leaders and mentors by providing them with opportunities to participate in leadership conferences and workshops, lead and facilitate programming, and mentor first-year students.