Southeast Asian American Student Academic Services (SEAASAS) provides academically and socially supportive environment for four designated Southeast Asian American ethnic groups (Hmong, Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese) toward reaching certain goals during their college lives, so that each student will be able to develop a meaningful and productive experience for him or herself. We advise students regarding academic progress, career decision making, personal matter, financial aid and housing issues.

We offer:

  • Individual academic advising and career planning and decisions making
  • Students with the development and enhancement of each individual’s leadership potential on campus and within the community
  • Career counseling and employment assistance while students are enrolled at UW
  • Personal counseling
  • Opportunities to network with Asian American faculty and staff
  • Referral to other sources of assistance and support on campus
  • Students with on and off campus through connections and associations with the local Southeast Asian American communities
  • Developing a professional relationship with students to encourage open communication and being available to respond to students' concerns and questions.

Pao Thao
B47 Bascom Hall
(608) 263-5068