Shinners Family Fund Scholarships


The Shinners Family Fund Scholarship is sponsored by George Shinners (who received a BS in Psychology in 1961 and an MS in Industrial Relations in 1964) and Jane Shinners (who earned a BS in Education in 1964). The award is given out annually to in-state CAE students and is renewable up to four years at $1500.00 each academic year.

2016 Recipients

  • Daniel-Eli Cevilla Major: Biology | Hometown: Milwaukee

    “SCE gave me an opportunity to create a new family and to discover a new world together with all fear aside. SCE has become my new family and they supplied me with all tools and understandings that I need to create success for my future at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

  • Hailey Rodriguez

    Haley Rodriguez Intended Major: Undecided | Hometown: Racine, WI

    “SCE has been a great opportunity for me to be part of. I’ve learned about campus life, requirements of academics, and about available resources. As the summer concludes, I know that I’m prepared for not only this upcoming fall, but for the years to come.”

  • Zoua Vang

    Zoua Vang Major: Pharmacology & Toxicology | Hometown: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

    “I’m grateful for SCE 2016 because it gave me the experience of campus life, a sample of how college would be like, and knowing that I have resources to reach my academic goals.”

  • Sofia Voet

    Sofia Voet Intended Major: Linguistics and Anthropology (L&S) | Hometown: Appleton, WI

    “I’m grateful for SCE 2016 because it gave me the experience of campus life, a sample of how college would be like, and knowing that I have resources to reach my academic goals.”

  • MaKayla Liebeck

    MaKayla Liebeck Intended Major: Physcology | Hometown: Luxemberg, WI

    “Because of SCE, I can say that I feel more prepared to take on my first year of college, and I also can say that I have more confidence in my abilities here as a student” ...[more]

  • Cassie Vang Area of Interest: Biology / Psychology | Hometown: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

    "After this program, my perception of college drastically changed.  SCE has really helped me grow and overcome my worries.  I was able to get a taste of" ...[more]

  • Riley Robinson

    Riley Robinson Intended Major: Mathematics | Hometown: Appleton, WI

    “The Summer Collegiate Experience has been a very beneficial factor in my transition into UW Madison for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has given me a taste of” ...[more]

  • Diana L Zavala

    Diana L Zavala Intended Major: Psychology and Biology or Chemistry | Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    “The SCE program has been a big and important step for me when it comes to transitioning from high school into college. SCE has helped me prepare for my first year of college by getting an idea of what to expect this first year as well as becoming more of an extrovert.”

  • Lance Dismukes

    Lance Dismukes Intended Major: International Business and Marketing with a certificate in Environmental Studies | Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    “I firmly believe that the Summer Collegiate Experience has better prepared me for life on campus in the fall than my classmates who have not attended this program” ...[more]

2015 Recipients

  • Shinners Winner Kazua Yang

    Kazua Yang

    “SCE has definitely helped me with my transition to the University of Wisconsin-Madison by allowing me to take college courses, meet with my advisor, and be open to new things. I was able to get a glimpse of  ...[more]

2014 Recipients

  • Shinners Winner Yasmeena Ougayour

    Yasmeena Ougayour

    “Attending the Summer Collegiate Experience for me was a beneficial experience where I was able to learn and grow as a UW student, while collecting new insights, opportunities, and resources to guide me through my undergraduate years. As a Center for Academic Excellence Scholar I have gained"  ...[more]

  • Shinners Winner Asia Johnson

    Asia Johnson Major: Biology

    “SCE has given me the hope and support that I need to become independent and succeed in pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian. This program has also helped me see what college life is like and has prepared me for the" ....[more]