• Devon L Wilson M/D Assistant Dean & Coordinator for the College of Letters & Science

    DeVon Wilson is the Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Assistant Dean in the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Abike Sanyaolu

    Abike Sanyaolu Assistant Dean and Director of CAE Advising Services

    Abike Sanyaolu is an Assistant Dean in the College of Letters and Science. Over the past eleven years, her career highlights include:  (1) advising and watching  ...[more] 

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Aygul Hoffman Tutorial Program Coordinator

    Aygul, pronounced as a:yg’ool, received her B.A. and M.A. in Education from Kazan State University, Russia, and her M.S. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from UW-Madison. She started her position as an advisor in the ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Bob Wiedenhoeft

    Bob Wiedenhoeft Instructional Support Specialist / Advisor

    Bob is a former Lead Academic Mentor and 2013 graduate of the UW School of Education. He has been blessed with this opportunity to serve CAE as the Instructional Support Specialist / Advisor since July of 2015. Before that, he taught ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Chou Yee Ngue Her Advisor

    Chou Yee is a UW-Madison and TRiO/CeO scholar alumnus. He serves as an academic advisor and also as the CAE Peer Mentor Program Coordinator working closely with student leaders to assist first-year students in their transition to ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Duane Cooper

    Duane Cooper Diversity Talent Development Coordinator

    Duane graduated from Illinois State University with a BS in Sociology.  He brings more than 10 years of career services experience here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His primary focus has been in employer relations (recruitment & retention) and career ...[more]

  • Geoffrey Thompson

    Geoffrey Thompson Assistant Dean and Director of the L&S Lawton Retention Grant

    Assistant Dean Geoff Thompson is Director of the Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant for the College of Letters and Science. Dean Thompson has served in a myriad of  ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Jalanda Giboney Position

    Jalanda has worked with CAE since 2010. She loves professional development. Her B.S. is in Technology Information Management and she is currently working on her M.S. in Administration.   She wears many different hats and has multiple roles here in the Center. She is ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Janice Lucchesi

    Janice Lucchesi Program Administrator

    Janice Lucchesi has worked in Student Academic Affairs in the College of Letters and Science for Fourteen years. Jan has served in many administrative roles that range from the Honors and Undergraduate Research Programs to the office manager in the Pathways to Excellence Program. Currently, Jan is the ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Jen Schoepke

    Jen Schoepke Director of Strategic Diversity Planning, Research, and Communication

    Jen Schoepke is the Director of Strategic Diversity Planning, Research, and Communication in the Letters & Science ...[more]
    Direct Line: (608) 890-4629
  • José Madera

    José Madera Assistant Dean

    For over ten years, José has served in different capacities as an Assistant Dean with the Student Academic Affairs division of the College of Letters and Science. He is currently serving as the Director of SySTEM (Synergy in STEM), an initiative that aims to ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Larry Edgerton Faculty Associate and Writing Instructor

    Larry is always glad to meet with students on any topic related to writing: essays, résumés, applications and personal statements, research papers, speeches, class reading assignments, editing (grammar, punctuation, and style), and creative writing—poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. I've written four ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Linda McCarroll Stamm

    Linda McCarroll Stamm Assistant Dean

    Linda currently provides academic advising and is responsible for administrative tasks related to academic advising and Dean’s Services. She began her career here at UW-Madison as ...[more]
    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Lupe Kettleson Ahedo Assistant Dean

    Lupe enjoys working with students in the areas of admissions, academic advising, transitioning to college-life, career orientation and development, and deans' services. Her goal is to effectively engage student learners and to help boost their confidence so that each may ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Nick Ewoldt Assistant Dean & Summer Collegiate Program Director

    Nick Ewoldt is an Assistant Dean in the College of Letters and Science and the Director of the Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE), and the Director of the ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068
  • Steve Kosciuk Data Consultant Statistician

    Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from “the” Ohio State University in 1976, followed by a Masters and Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981. After working as a Post-doctoral fellow doing ...[more]

    Main Line: (608) 263-5068