Synergy in STEM (SySTEM)

The College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is home to the largest number of science, technology, and math-based academic majors on campus. A newly launched initiative, Synergy in STEM aims to advance, expand and transform the undergraduate science and math experience at UW-Madison. 

In partnership with L&S STEM academic departments, SySTEM will provide students with an extensive science-based support network and access to unique opportunities that will develop, advance and enrich their learning experience and prepare them for future science careers. SySTEM will expose selected entering students to STEM fields, encourage them to explore the field, provide intensive exposure to STEM faculty, mentors, and professionals, enroll students into specialized classes with intensive tutoring, and carefully monitor the students' course loads and grade point averages.  SySTEM will also serve as a resource to academic departments pursuing initiatives to increase the number of underrepresented students declaring their major, and earning degrees in their respective disciplines.

Questions? Contact the SySTEM Coordinator