The Academy

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A Pre-Professional Pipeline for scholars who “aspire higher”

The Academy is a new initiative in the College of Letters and Science (L&S) Center for Academic Excellence. It is for L&S students interested in aspiring higher by continuing their education on a pre-professional, pre-graduate pathway. This initiative introduces like-minded undergraduate scholars with an interest in medicine, nursing, dentistry, law, and graduate careers and provides a hub for students to connect with advising, tutoring, mentoring, and career-planning resources. This initiative is designed to expand the opportunities in groups traditionally under-represented in these professions. The Academy aims to provide a sense of community and to build self-efficacy among students. To enhance this sense of community, students take core courses in common with other members of their cohort and seats are set aside in courses and reserved for enrollment. Students attend monthly specialized workshops, host campus visitors, and engage in community-based research in their junior year. The Academy offers opportunities for research and leadership.

For incoming and on-campus students:

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