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Internship Info for Students

"I whole-heartedly believe that my internship with [non-profit employer] made my Wisconsin Experience. I don't think that any other institution could teach me so much about how the world works at the different levels of city, state, and nation. I emerge from this internship a more educated citizen and with the desire to search for the knowledge in everything I do.”

CAE Career Ready Internship Program Student Intern

You qualify for this great opportunity if you meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Pursuing a major within the College of Letters & Science;
  • Completed 54 credit hours by the start of your internship term/semester;
  • Have a 2.75 G.P.A. or higher;
  • Awarded a Federal Pell Grant, FASTrack, BANNER, and/or Lawton for 2014-2015 in your financial aid package (can verify in your Student Center); and
  • Will graduate either during your internship term or after your internship term.

“The flexibility of the internship was very nice. If school was overwhelming, my supervisor was forgiving and understood if I didn't get a ton of work done. Another positive aspect was the feedback I received from my mentors. Everything was always put in a constructive way and was very helpful moving forward.”

CAE Career Ready Internship Program Student Intern

Resume Assistance or Interview Preparation

Individual assistance in preparing your resume is available during Career Advising Drop-ins on Thursdays from Noon-2pm in B-47 Bascom Hall (beginning Sept. 14) or by appointment. To schedule an appointment please visit the L&S SuccessWorks website and look for available appointments either under the Our Career Advisors tab or the Just-in-Time Appointments tab. For both options, please provide your name, student ID number, and note that your request is for your CAE Career Ready Internship application.

Questions? Contact Duane Cooper.