Lawton Events



LAWTON Dean on Call

Assistant Dean José J. Madera will be available once a week (TUESDAYS, 1:00 – 4:00 pm) to assist or advise you while discussing questions related to general matters regarding Lawton Grant eligibility, financial stewardship, and related themes. These sessions are not intended to substitute your established connections and scheduled meetings with your academic advisor. Please contact Dean Madera in advance via e-mail ( to select a day/time to meet. He will reply with a meeting confirmation via Microsoft TEAMS or ZOOM invitation link.




This is a three-session fall semester informational and financial literacy presentation series. So far, we have selected the following weeks for the presentations and are currently finalizing, and will soon disclose, specific details (date, time, link).


Ready, Set, GO!                                3rd week (SEPT 14-18) 

This is an introduction to the LAWTON Team. A conversation about the start of the semester, engagement opportunities, advising/dean services, scholarship opportunities, general financial aid questions, etc.


Financial Stewardship                      6th week (OCT 5-9) 

A discussion w Q&A regarding how to better manage budgets and maintain financial stability during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Internship & Career Advise            9th week (OCT 26-30) 

In collaboration with CAE and SuccessWorks, this session will focus on Internship and jobs searching services offered by SuccessWorks and affiliated companies.