Preparing for SOAR and choosing your learning communities

As a CAE Scholar, you are expect to join at least one type of learning community (sometimes also called “high-impact practices” or HIPs).

Examples are the Summer Collegiate Experience, First-year Interest Groups (FIGs), Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS), Residential Learning Communities (RLC), the Summer Collegiate Experience, L&S Honors, or single-credit courses like the Wisconsin Experience seminar (CP 125) Wisconsin Emerging Scholars (WES) sections for Computer Science 200/300 or Calculus. In fact, most CAE students enroll in the classes of a FIG in their first semester even if they are participating in another learning community.

You will meet with your assigned CAE academic advisor before SOAR to talk about learning communities. You will receive instructions for this appointment in May.

Things To Do Before SOAR

1. Register for a SOAR session

You will be able to enroll in Fall courses following your SOAR session (not during pre-SOAR advising).

2. Complete UW placement tests

Please complete your placement tests as soon as possible. It will help us give you better guidance for Fall course registration and learning community options.

3. Browse learning community options

See the ones recommended for CAE Scholars.

4. Schedule a CAE Pre-SOAR Advising meeting with your assigned academic advisor in June through mid-July (before to your SOAR session)

More information to come.

5. Check your campus email regularly for updates about CAE and SOAR.