Preparing for SOAR and Selecting HIPs

As a CAE student, you are required to do at least one type of high impact practice (HIP) such as the Summer Collegiate Experience, First-year Interest Groups (FIGs), Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS), Residential Learning Communities (RLC), the Summer Collegiate Experience, L&S Honors, or single credit courses like the Wisconsin Experience seminar (CP 125) Wisconsin Emerging Scholars (WES) sections for Computer Science 200/300 or Calculus. In fact, most CAE students do a FIG in their first semester even if they are doing another HIP.

You will meet with your assigned CAE academic advisor before SOAR to talk about HIPs. To get prepared for this meeting, please watch the Pre-SOAR Advising video below and make notes on anything you would like to discuss during your first advising meeting. Please watch the whole video.

Pre-SOAR Advising Video

CAE Students' Experiences with HIPS

Hear from some CAE students about their experiences with Residential Learning Communities, Undergraduate Research Scholars, and First-year interest groups.

Things To Do Before SOAR

1. Register for a SOAR session

You will complete SOAR during the week you sign up for. Following your SOAR advising session (not Pre-SOAR Advising), you will be able to enroll in Fall courses.

2. Complete UW placement tests if you haven’t already

Tests will be available online by early June. Please complete your placement tests as soon as possible. It will help us give you better guidance for Fall course registration and FIG options.

3. Browse HIP Options

4. Schedule a CAE Pre-SOAR Advising meeting with your assigned academic advisor

Your meeting will take place between June 20 – July 1. Schedule on Starfish during this week. If possible, try to schedule a video meeting type so we can meet virtually with you. Plan to have a 30 minute conversation with your advisor at this time.  You will talk about the Pre-SOAR Advising Video, how SOAR will work, and what HIPs you’re thinking of doing.

Also, please look at the First-year Interest Groups and select three you might want to join.  Your advisor will then help you make a reservation for your top three choices depending on your eligibility/placement scores/transfer credit. You will make a reservation even if you will do another HIP. Most students will receive their first or second choice.

5. Check your UW-email regularly for updates about CAE and SOAR