University of Wisconsin–Madison

Elisa Perez

Elisa Perez

Where are you from: Harlingen, Texas

Year in school: Junior

Majors: Psychology and Spanish

Interests/hobbies: Reading, going to museums, volunteering, and meeting new people

Campus involvement: CAE Academy, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Chancellor Scholars Program, Badger Spill

Career Aspirations: I plan to go to graduate school to study Industrial Organizational Psychology

What advice would you give first-year students who are new to the UW-Madison campus?

Don’t be afraid to seek out advice and ask for help from both your peers and UW faculty. It’s very important to get to know your professors and talk to your advisors; they are here to help!

What have you gained the most from being in the CAE Academy?

Through the Academy, I’ve been able to meet with and receive guidance from professionals in their fields. The Academy also offers many academic resources and individualized advising, which have been of the utmost value to me.

What is the best learning experience you’ve taken away from your summer CAE/Great Lakes internship?

I learned how to work independently and set my own deadlines and work schedule. Working with people from diverse backgrounds and with different personalities in order to succeed was also a big takeaway.

What tips do you have for students when getting to know the UW faculty?

You should come to office hours with a couple of questions and realize that your TAs and professors are there to help you answer your questions. Office hours is a really useful time clarify topics you have questions on. However, don’t wait until the week before finals to go meet your professors and TAs! They will be super busy and won’t be as helpful as they would be to a student that has routinely showed up to office hours.

What was your favorite class at UW-Madison and why?

The main seminar of my FIG freshman year was Psych 211: Vision: From Biology to Culture. As it was a small seminar; we had the opportunity to participate in many interactive activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned so much about the human eye, so if you’re curious to know how they give babies vision tests, I can tell you all about it!