University of Wisconsin–Madison

Devon Wilson

M/D Assistant Dean & Coordinator for the College of Letters & Science


DeVon Wilson is the Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Assistant Dean in the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to his position in the College of Letters & Science, DeVon is currently a Research Associate in the Wisconsin Equity & Inclusion Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is focusing on the academic integration of student-athletes at Division-I institutions and differential learning outcomes in undergraduate education. DeVon earned a B.A. in Psychology from Beloit College and a M.S. Ed. in Adult and Continuing Education from Northern Illinois University with a specialization in Higher Education.  For the past twenty-four years, DeVon worked in the areas of enrollment management, undergraduate research, Federal TRiO Programs, Student Affairs and Student Academic Affairs to increase the access of first-generation students from economically disadvantaged communities and multicultural underrepresented students to higher education and to develop a pipeline to highly competitive graduate, medical, and law schools as well as high-demand industries.