University of Wisconsin–Madison

CAE Scholars

CAE Scholar Path

CAE Scholars are surrounded by a community of staff, faculty, and peers all deeply invested in them and their achievements.  Students join CAE as CAE Scholars through invitations extended prior to their first year at UW-Madison. CAE Scholars partner with CAE staff during their entire academic journey at UW-Madison to co-create and customize their Wisconsin Experience.  The experiences, academic support, and skills developed in CAE lay the groundwork for success- not only during students’ time at UW-Madison but past graduation as they enter their chosen career or graduate school.

Benefits of Being a CAE Scholar

As a CAE Scholar, you will have FREE access to integrated academic opportunities and experiences within a supportive community which enhances your journey at UW-Madison:

  • Six FREE college credits towards your degree through the Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE) [insert internal link to SCE] (tuition, housing, books, and meals);
  • Access to the best learning experiences on campus which are integrated into your customized Wisconsin Experience, such as leadership experiences, paid internships, and other high impact programs shown to increase student academic success;
  • Opportunities to earn scholarships and grants;
  • Priority enrollment so you can get in the classes you need before they fill up;
  • Academic support for most courses;
  • Easy access to advisors and assistant deans who are committed to your academic success;
  • Immersion in a supportive community of staff, peers, and faculty; and
  • Coordinated reflective experiences which better position you for post-graduation career or graduate school opportunities.

“Being a Badger means being a part of a litany of high-achieving, community-oriented, and committed individuals who all work toward a goal of bettering Wisconsin, this country, and the world at large.”

– CAE Scholar and Class of 2016 Graduate

Journalism & Political Science Certificate in African Studies

Basic CAE Scholar Requirements

In CAE, we want you to not only be successful, but excel in all you do at UW-Madison. Therefore, CAE uses an individualized plan to promote your academic excellence which includes the following expectations:

  • Attend and successfully complete SCE;
  • Engage in individualized advising sessions to plan your academics and customize your Wisconsin Experience (each semester);
  • Creation of a professional portfolio of accomplishments to facilitate the realization of your post-graduation career or graduate school plans (in partnership with peers and professional advisors); and
  • Involvement in high impact life changing opportunities such as Undergraduate Research Scholars, Residential Learning Communities, First-Year Interest Groups, or internships and other high impact experiences.