Empowering You Career & Internship Conference

  • Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Varsity Hall – Union South

The conference is designed to give students a jump start in understanding their academic goals and connecting their academic work with post-graduation careers and opportunities.  Equally important, the conference aids in the preparation of the next generation of students entering a diverse and global workforce.

This event is required for first-year CAE and CeO students.

Second-year CAE and CeO students are strongly encouraged to attend. Please register here: tinyurl.com/empoweringyouspring2022.

Registration for the Career & Internship Fair (only) will be available via Handshake in February.

Prepare for the Conference

What you need to know to get the most out of the conference!

Schedule, Workshops, & Resources

3:45-4:15 PM Check-in

Please check in outside of Varsity Hall at Union South (2nd floor).

4:15-4:30 PM Welcome from CAE and CeO – Varsity Hall
4:35-5:20 PM Session 1

Blue name tag: Career & Internship Fair and Resource Fair, Professional Headshots

Green name tag: Workshops (See Session 1 & 2 Workshops tab for info and location)

5:25-6:10 PM Session 2

Blue name tag:  Workshops (See Session 1 & 2 Workshops tab for info and location)

Green name tag: Career & Internship Fair and Resource Fair, Professional Headshots

6:10-7:00 PM Closing Remarks, L&S Dean, Dr. Eric Wilcots – Varsity Hall

Dinner and networking session.

Let’s Land an Internship: Jumpstarting your Internship Search

L&S SuccessWorks | TBD

Graduates who had internships are 90 percent more likely to get job offers than graduates who didn’t. Often, First Generation students are less likely to have time for internships on top of everything else. This session will walk through the basic tools and strategies for finding an internship, and introduces helpful resources, next steps, and ways SuccessWorks is here to help you land your internship.

The Self-Care Mindset: Understanding How our Values and Perspectives Shape Our Careers and Lives

University Health Services (UHS) | TBD

Often we are attracted to majors, internships, and careers that spark an interest or provide a level of financial security or prestige.  While these are important components in choosing a career, there are other factors that we may want to consider, such as work-life balance, geographical location, and/or pace of the workday.  In this workshop we will review common stressors and symptoms that appear when self-care and our values aren’t prioritized in our work life.  We will then investigate our values and foster a self-care mindset to help cope with stress and minimize burnout and create a life that works for you!

Successfully Applying for Scholarships, Awards, Prizes and other Competitions: Developing a Portfolio of Materials and Credentials

L&S Scholarships | TBD

Come learn about building the credentials needed to be successful in competitive processes for awards, scholarships, and other programs. Many resources are available to help you present your best self. This workshop will review sections of typical applications and what is often valued in your academic, leadership and employment experiences. How can you express and live out your passions and articulate these in your résumés, statements, essays, and other contributions? Participants will walk away with knowledge of campus resources to help develop credentials as well as upcoming opportunities.

Exploring Career Regardless of Major

Career Exploration Center (CEC) | TBD

Regardless of where you are with your major — still exploring, declared, deciding between a few options — now is a great time to start exploring your career options. Attend this session to break down some of the biggest myths that are getting in the way of your exploration, learn what employers are looking for, and discover UW tools and resources that you can start using today to plan the next steps in your career exploration journey.

Your Pathway to Financial Well-being 

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) | TBD

“I wish I learned more about personal finance in college.” Don’t let this be you! In this session, you will be given a starting point to prepare for your financial well-being. We will start by defining your personal definition financial well-being. Then, we will cover key terms and ideas like budgeting, expense tracking, credit, mortgages, loans, interest rates, IRAs, and so on. Finally, we will discuss various financial resources and make an individualized plan for your next financial steps.


Know Your Worth: Negotiating Your Needs in the Workplace

L&S SuccessWorks | TBD

Knowing your worth begins with developing self-efficacy and self-confidence. Albert Bandura (1977), a pioneer humanist and father of the concept of self-efficacy, defined it as “people’s beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise their influence over events that affect their lives” (Bandura, 1994). Self-confidence is defined as “trusting in your own judgment, capacities and abilities” (Mind Tools, 2021). In a world full of uncertainties, challenges, and -isms, it can be difficult to develop or maintain self-efficacy and self-confidence. In this workshop, we will cover the concepts of self-efficacy and self-confidence, discuss ways to increase them and how they relate to work, and create a self-care vision board to remind you of what you can do to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. No artistic skills are required- just bring your curiosity and wonder!

Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising

McNair Research Scholars

Graduate School and Summer Research

Career Exploration Center (CEC)

L&S ScuccessWorks

Financial Aid

International Academic Programs (IAP)

International Internships Program (IIP)

University Health Services (UHS)

Center for Leadership and Involvement (CiFLI)

Multicultural Student Center (MSC)



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