CAE Peer Mentoring Biology 1

Academic Mentoring Outcomes

Academic Mentors are more than tutors. They help students gain confidence in the course, answer questions, develop critical thinking skills, and develop independent learning skills.Academic Mentoring works to achieve the following student goals:

  • Retention and Excellence in course
  • Increase students’ academic development / skill-building
  • Increase ability to navigate campus resources

Academic Mentoring works under the following mission statement: To empower students by encouraging them to develop diverse skills & strategies necessary to successfully navigate higher education by:

  • Role modeling good study habits
  • Offering supportive collaborative learning environments
  • Helping students develop into independent learners.

"[My Academic Mentor had] kindness and integrity. Not to mention the fact that she cares deeply about her student and makes effort to be flexible with a demanding schedule. The list would go on -- she's just that great."

-L&S Student, tutored in Italian 101

Student Engagement by Year



The gradual decrease of student engagement shows evidence of increased student efficacy and independent learning. The skills that are taught during mentoring sessions are found to be applicable in other subjects.

In fact, roughly 97% of Academic Mentoring Students agree that they will be able to apply what they learned in Academic Mentoring in other courses. Students have less need for academic mentoring as they progress in their college career.


Did you know?

Academic Mentoring Program received and assigned 104 tutors requests for just the Fall 2017 semester

"Overall a great experience in peer learning and truly helped me in [my] course."

-L&S Student, tutored in Math 221

By The Numbers

  • For every 14 hours working with an academic mentor, students earn an extra half-letter grade.
  • During the fall semester of 2017, Academic Mentoring employed 40 current undergraduate tutors.
  • Among the tutors, 5-8 are hired as on Lead Academic Mentors and facilitate Peer Learning sessions.
  • 100% of students agreed they got the help they needed from their academic mentor and 80% of students strongly agreed.

Usefullness of Academic Mentoring

Did you know?

100% of students found the services useful and 84% found it extremely or very useful.

“He’s able to figure out ways that I am able to understand. He accommodates to my learning style! Overall, his help has benefited me in this class! I am extremely happy with the results that I have been receiving from homework/quizzes/exams.”

“My study time with her is always on a roll and she really does her best to explain things to me.”

“He takes the time to teach and ensure his students understand the material. Overall would be more than happy to take another session taught by him.”

Student Perceived Impact


“[The mentor ] was very good at helping me think through a problem, helped me pick up on habits I could improve upon.”

“She allows me to structure my sessions based on my questions and concerns. She works well with my schedule and she is patient and understanding. ”

“[The mentor] was very good at asking me questions so that I actually understand the material, she also made the environment very comfortable and open for mistakes.”

Mentorship group activity

Did you know?

100% of students found the services useful and 84% found it extremely or very useful.