Asia Johnson

Position title: Major: Biology | Graduation: 2018


“SCE has given me the hope and support that I need to become independent and succeed in pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian. This program has also helped me see what college life is like and has prepared me for the fall semester through Larry’s class. His class is one of the hardest and most compact classes that I have taken, but it has taught me how to manage my time wisely, study effectively, and think more critically in my analysis of different types of media, allowing me to have a headstart on how scholars think, write, and speak with one another. Although the class was extremely challenging and involved a lot of sleepless nights, I continued to do the work because my philosophy is to never do less than my best. Other than the impact Larry’s class has had on me, the program over all has allowed me to grow socially. Before the program started I was a very shy and introverted individual, but because of the welcoming environment and the staff’s willingness to help me become more comfortable in this new setting, as well as get acquainted with the campus and assist other students in the program, I have been able to let myself open up to new people and their ideas. SCE has given me the tools to learn more about UW-Madison, the activities that I can get involved in, and the campus as a whole. I would like to thank SCE for preparing me for my quest to pursue my dreams.”