Marlena Paz

Marlena Paz

Where were you born: Rockville, CT

Where are you living: Long Valley, New Jersey

Year in school: Junior

Major: Marketing

Interests/hobbies: Hiking, drawing

Involvement on campus: Lean In, Multicultural Business Student Association

Career aspirations: I am looking to find a career in sales and marketing.

What advice would you give first year students who are transitioning from high school to college?

Don’t underestimate the amount of work and stress that comes with school, social life, and becoming accustomed to a whole new environment.

What is one thing that stood out to you for your freshman year?

Joining the student org Lean In was an awesome experience that has really stuck with me throughout my time here. This organization gave me insight into finding my passion and what I wanted to do. Lean In is a community consisting of but not limited to women, which looks to create a support system for all those in need.

What is your favorite place on campus?

A favorite place of mine is the concrete bench on the top of Bascom Hill, which overlooks the hill and provides a view of the capital.

What advice would you give students who are looking to step outside of their comfort zone?

I suggest that you continue to make a conscious effort to push yourself to meet new people who are different from you and don’t shy away from situations that make you uncomfortable.

What does it mean to be a Badger?

To me, being a Badger is all about the atmosphere and community that comes along with attending this prestigious university. Everyone who is connected to this university, not just the students, is proud to call themselves Badgers and have been positively impacted by this institution.