BaJie Vang

Position title: Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice | Hometown: Neenah, WI

Bajie Vang

I came into SCE with a blind eye. I didn’t know what the program had to offer me, or what the benefits were to taking classes in the summer. To me, I was pretty sure this program was going to ruin my summer plans. However, it benefited me in many more ways possible than I ever imagined. By stepping foot into this program, it gave me the first chances to create friendships, explore the campus, and know all the available resources to satisfy my needs. It has also allowed me to find who I am as a student, but to also grow and fix my study and work habits. Although, it’s still a working progress to stop procrastinating on homework due the day before. SCE was a great way to open my blind eyes to the reality of college life.