Kazua Yang


“SCE has definitely helped me with my transition to the University of Wisconsin-Madison by allowing me to take college courses, meet with my advisor, and be open to new things. I was able to get a glimpse of how heavy the work load is compared to high school, learn how to manage my time, and start to identify my core values. I also had the opportunity to discover campus life with my friends, including riding on a city bus, which I’ve never done before.  These are some experiences that I will never forget. Without SCE, attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall would have left me confused and unprepared for the rigor. With the amount of help and guidance that we have received in the SCE program, our understanding of campus life and its resources is well established. Not only that, but SCE gave us the chance to explore and enjoy campus life. I am so glad that I got into the CAE program and was able to attend the SCE summer program of 2015.”