Janel Lucas

Janel Lucas

Where were you born: Milwaukee, WI

Where are you from: Milwaukee, WI

Major: Sociology (Pre-Health), certificates in Global Health and Environmental Studies

Year in school: Senior

Interests/hobbies: Being outdoors, cooking

Involvement on campus: Exec. Board Member of MEDLIFE, National Society for Leadership and Success Member

Career aspirations: Physician in Environmental Health

What is the value of obtaining a liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree allows you to capture so much more academically. Requirements may push students to not only take math and science courses (depending on exact major), but also language and social science courses. I personally believe that the wide range of subjects that liberal arts students engage in allows for more depth and growth over time. Students are exposed to all subjects.

Looking back, what was the best part of your CAE experience?

The best part of my CAE experience was being given the opportunity to build relationships and grow with my peers. We all come into college with many of the same fears, and finding a new group of peers happens to contribute to many of those fears. Within the first few months of school, I had developed so many relationships with other students from multiple grade levels in CAE. After the CAE Second-Year Capstone Symposium, it was clear to me that because of the relationships that CAE students have all built over the first two years, our journeys have all been successful in many different ways. It was great to see the amount of personal growth and the amount of success my peer and I have accomplished within the first two undergraduate years.

What are traits and skills that a liberal arts degree builds that other degrees may not?

I believe that a liberal arts degree offers versatility that other degree options may not. There is a wide range of courses that are required with liberal arts degrees, so students are able to find courses that truly interest them.

What advice can you give first-year students in order to help ease their transition from high school to college?

My greatest advice would be to really network with peers, whether you are naturally outgoing or shy. Relationships with not only your advisor and peers, but even professors, contribute a great deal to your success. As UW-Madison is such a large campus, it is sometimes easy to lose yourself in academics and/or the social scene. Having relationships with your advisors, peers, and professors is completely necessary as they will be your support system for the next four years, and possibly beyond your undergraduate years. They will be there for your highs and lows!

How has CAE helped you create your Wisconsin Experience?

CAE has helped me create my Wisconsin Experience as I have learned about what the Wisconsin Experience is and how it is unique to each student. CAE has helped me grow as a person, a peer, and ultimately a Wisconsin student. CAE has provided multiple experiences and opportunities to develop my personal Wisconsin Experience, which I believe has set me up for a successful and memorable undergraduate experience. Because of this, I continue to create my Wisconsin Experience each and every day.